Pitch Your Idea [Last Date May 31]

Satyanshu has witnessed incredible passion and talent among the hundreds of students who have been attending these lectures. Hence, here is an opportunity for the students to make use of this connection and actually grow professionally. Make a donation of Rs 1,000/- to a fund from our shortlist and get a chance to pitch your movie/show idea to Satyanshu. In return, Satyanshu will provide brief, one-time feedback to each of the ideas, and allow you to attend (for FREE) one of his lectures after May 31. 

The best of the ideas will receive personal mentorship by Satyanshu for two weeks. Once you are ready to share your developed story/screenplay with the industry, Satyanshu will recommend you to Tulsea – a strategic talent management company. 

This is your chance to be noticed by creating something out of these two months of lectures and interactions with professional writers and filmmakers.

Terms & Conditions

  • You have to pitch your idea by using not more than 100 words. Use these words to tell a story, and not to communicate themes or explain your ambitions with your story. Write simply, clearly, powerfully. If you use more than 100 words, your idea will not be considered.
  • You can submit as many ideas as you want. But you will have to make separate payments of Rs 1,000/- and fill in the registration form every single time.
  • Satyanshu’s decision of which ideas are the best will be final and binding.
  • If you miss the deadline of May 31, you cannot send your ideas through emails to Satyanshu. You will not receive any response to that.

How to Pitch?

Pitch your idea